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Insecurity Doctrines and Legal Transformations: Uneven Consequences of Securitization

1 april 2015 11:30 till 13:00
Speakers Corner, Kuggen, Lindholmsplatsen 1, Göteborg
On April 1, you are most welcome to join us for another timely talk in the URBSEC seminar series.

Associate Professor Mikael Baaz from the Department of Law, University of Gothenburg, will give a talk based on extensive field work in Cambodia, India, and Palestine. Mikael Baaz’s research is part of a national Framework Research Program on Civil Society, 2011-2015, funded by the Swedish Research Council.

In particular, the seminar discusses how international-juridical relations including citizens’ rights and liberties are affected by and contribute to globalization processes. How are flows of goods, information, and people negotiated through present insecurity doctrines? Referring to the term ‘biopower’, the seminar asks: How are populations today targeted and differentiated through which kinds of measurements, information, and criteria? In what sense do present forms of biopower contribute to or threaten those values that the West prides itself of in terms of universal human rights, safety and security? Through such questions, the seminar addresses how the conditions for exercising rights and liberties are changing due to an increasing importance of inter-, multi-, and supranational forms of politics, economics, and technologies.

Registration: Email your name, organization, food requirements, and any allergies to michael.landzelius@chalmers.se

Sandwiches, sparkling water, and coffee served from 11:30


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